Cake School


Cake School mobile app, developed by Appfyl.

The leading online school for confectioners in the Russian and CIS market, founded by the head pastry chef Alina Makarova, whose portfolio includes over 100,000 trained clients.

Development of the mobile application Cake School by Appfyl studio. Top 1 online pastry school in Russia.
Developer: Appfyl is a team of highly qualified professionals specializing in creating «turnkey» mobile applications for a wide variety of tasks. More than 50 successfully implemented projects have been completed. Each project is not only unique, but also safe, as well as high-performance.

Customer: CakeSchool is one of the leading online schools for confectioners in the Russian and CIS markets, founded by chief pastry chef Alina Makarova, whose portfolio has more than 100,000 customers.

Project description: Creation and implementation of a mobile application, a website in Russian, which will allow registered users to access purchased courses and other useful resources.
  • Alena Sacharova
    Co-founder, Cake School

    Thank you for your work! I searched for a competent team of developers for the app for a long time, but only ended up wasting time and money before finding you. Right from our first call, I understood that you are professionals who know what you're doing. We're already working on our third app together, and I can definitely recommend you (and I already have recommended you to acquaintances).😊
Development of the mobile application Cake School by Appfyl studio. Top 1 online pastry school in Russia.
Usefull mobile application for pastry. Development of the mobile application Cake School by Appfyl studio.
Many competitors have a website describing their services, but not everyone has an application for smartphones and tablets. Its creation will help to increase brand awareness and trust. The application is always in front of the client's eyes and reminds of the possibility to make a purchase by means of push notifications.

Purpose: Development of an application and website for the CakeSchool online school, allowing confectioners to improve their professional skills and achieve success in the field of confectionery art, automate the process of buying training courses. In addition, the application and the site should be easy to use, have a clear and aesthetically attractive interface, as well as have convenient and intuitive navigation.

  • Development of a website and application for smartphones and tablets, in a short time - the creation of the project took 1.5 months;
  • Development of an adaptive and intuitive interface, with the ability to purchase online courses and access to training materials;
  • Development of modern design, in accordance with the visual concept of CakeSchool;
  • Increase sales and reduce the burden on the customer by automating processes.
    Desktop version of the Cake School app by Appfyl studio.

    Development of an adaptive and intuitive interface for application users, with convenient navigation and modern design. Onboarding, user's personal account, main page, online school news, "knowledge base" with recipes and theoretical materials, transition to triggered pages of the website and Telegram channels. Purchase of online courses that open up advanced functionality for the user. "Calculator" for calculating recipes of non-standard forms.

    Development of an interface with easy navigation and modern design for website users: the user's personal account with the ability to view materials on the PC, the main page with a description of the advantages of the online school and the training provided, direct transition to the marketplaces for downloading the application. Purchase of online courses that open up advanced functionality for the user.

      Implementation process:

      • Customer's brief. At this stage, the main goals, objectives and requirements for the application, website were identified.
      • Terms of Reference. Description of functionality, design and interface requirements, main technical issues.
      • Analysis of competitors. Evaluation of already applied solutions for possible use in the project.
      • Typing. Launching the application and website to test and identify shortcomings, for further solution.
      • Design. At this stage, the design of the application and website was developed, including the placement of the logo, the choice of fonts and the creation of infographics.
      • Programming. Development of the application and website by specialists and developers of the Appfyl team. Creation of code that implements the functions and behavior of the application, as well as integration with the server and other external systems.
      • Final test. Identification and elimination of errors and bugs, for the smooth operation of the application and the site.
      • SEO optimization for the website in accordance with the requirements of search engines and installation of an SSL certificate.
      • Launch of the site and application.
      • Downloading the application to marketplaces. App Store (for iOS) and Play Market (for Android).
        Track your progress in Cake School app
        Functionality of the CakeSchool app:

        1. User's personal profile:

        • Creating an account (or authorization to an existing personal account), with the ability to enter/edit information about yourself (photo, name, profile name in the social network, date of birth). (When administering the application, this helps in collecting and evaluating the target audience.)
        • Quick access to: shopping, school social networks, contact information to contact technical support.

        2. Onboarding:

        • Description of the school and acquaintance with the customer in text and graphic format.
        • Clickable "Start Training" button, which takes you directly to the main page.
        • Duplication of information with the ability to reopen the description, at the end of the "main page".

        3. The home page is a ribbon that you can navigate by clicking on the desired section or use the bottom navigation bar for automated navigation.

        "CakeSchool News" section

        Presented in the "carousel" format, with graphic blocks, the user can select the material of interest, and then move to the necessary sources (Website, Telegram channels and Telegram bots)

        "Knowledge Base" section

        • Decorated with graphic blocks in the "carousel", as well as an advisory icon on the bottom panel, where articles with recipes and theoretical material are located.
        • Each article has a button to quickly access the triggered page of the website ( with the ability to apply for participation in the training course.
        • At the end of each article there is a button that allows you to move to the "Knowledge Base" section.

        "Calculator for recalculation of the recipe to another form"

        • By clicking on the "Calculator" graphic block or using the corresponding icon in the bottom panel, a unique opportunity opens in front of the user - the calculation of the recipe by form for various desserts.
        • By choosing the necessary option and entering the necessary data for the calculation, the ingredients are automatically calculated.
        • If the user needs to perform a new calculation, he can use the "Change the original data" buttons or return to the entire calculator, also using the button.

        Section "All courses" and "Training"

        • Presented in "directory" format on the main page and icons in the bottom panel of the application.
        • By clicking on the required block, the user is moved to a page with a full description, where he can purchase an online course or leave a request for a pre-registration.
        • Each page of the "online course" is designed in text and graphic format.
        • At the end of each course, there are reviews and results in the "carousel".

        4. Additional features:

        • Notifications about new courses, promotions and other important events.
        • Integration with payment systems for convenient payment for courses.
        • Ability to save selected recipes and materials from the knowledge base.

          Development of the mobile application Cake School by Appfyl studio. Top 1 online pastry school in Russia.
          Functionality of the CakeSchool website:

          • is a one-page site with text and graphic blocks, animation and clickable buttons to go to download the application with any Operating System.
          • User's personal account, registration in an online school or login to an existing account. Similar to the application, it has the ability to enter/edit all the necessary information (photo, name, profile name in the social network, date of birth)

          In addition, the sections:

          • "Support" - by clicking on it, a window with contact information pops up, which automatically takes the user to the desired site.
          • "Cart" displaying online courses, to get access to which you need to go to "Payment".
          • "My courses" section with a list of purchased online courses.
          • A page that allows you to leave a request to pre-registration an online course.
          • Page that allows you to purchase an online course, go to payment and create an order. It also has a separate "FAQ" block and contacts for customer questions.

          Technical requirements:

          • Size: 104 MB
          • The application is available for download and installation on devices with Android 6.0 or later.
          • The application is available for download and installation on devices running iOS 13.0 or later.
          • The application is available for download and installation on devices with Mac 11.0 operating system and Mac with Apple M1 chip or later.


          • Development and successful implementation of the mobile application and website from Appfyl in a short time;
          • As a result of the development, the CakeSchool application and website provides a comprehensive platform for studying the confectionery business.
          • Increase in sales, while reducing the burden on the customer;
          • Convenient system of purchase and payment for online courses;
          • Receiving positive feedback from customers about the functionality and operation of the application. More than 300 ratings in the AppStore (4.8 out of 5). More than 300 ratings on Google Play (4.8 out of 5), more than 50,000 downloads.