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Through the meditations and practices in the AB.MONEY app, you'll learn how to manage stress, improve your physical and moral state, as well as meet new people through networking!

Development of the AB.MONEY application by Appfyl studio. Top 1 in the Education section of the Russian App Store.
  • Anastasia Sudareva
    Product manager, AB.MONEY

    We thank the team for their professional work. The Appfyl approaches everything responsibly, completes tasks on time, and helps improve the AB.MONEY application, which has resulted in it reaching the top positions in the "Education" category on the App Store. The team knows their business, and working with them is easy and productive.
Developers: Appfyl is a team of professional specialists who create «turnkey» mobile applications for any task. More than 50 successfully implemented projects are behind the back.

Customer: Alexandra Belair is a popular business speaker and blogger with a multi-million audience. One of the key areas: money meditation.

In modern realities, more and more people are looking for improving their physical, material and mental health. However, many people face such a problem as lack of time or lack of a quality product on the market.

The purpose of this project: Development and launch of a mobile application (in Russian and English) to achieve harmony of success and development of spirituality through a high-quality mobile application.
Track your statistics and progress in meditations. Development of the AB.MONEY application by Appfyl studio.
Free meditations with offline mode. Development of the AB.MONEY application by Appfyl studio.

  • Development of a mobile application in a short time - the creation of the project took 2 months;
  • Development of a functionally convenient interface with the ability to listen to meditation and maintain personal indicators;
  • Development of modern design with smooth animation and pleasant graphics;
  • Increase sales and reduce the burden on the customer by automating processes.

Main solutions:

  • Detailed user interface. Personal account, main page, training lessons, meditations, individual functionality settings for each client. Purchase of various meditation packages that open up advanced functionality for closed lessons for the user.
  • Special attention was paid to the design of the application. A unique interface with smooth animation and unusual frames has been created.
  • Development and implementation of such functions as: "Habit Tracker", "Self-programming Diary", "State Diary", "Gratitude Diary", where the client has the opportunity to independently fill in the necessary fields and monitor throughout the entire operation of the application.
  • A separate section with the "Questions and Answers" format, where each registered client will be able to immediately find a solution to FAQ.
  • Development of the "Osho Zen and Tarot" section, where it is possible to "make a layout" in a random way and find out the "map of the day" with explanations.
  • Development of a section with the receipt of an individual "Matrix Calculation".

Implementation process:

  • The customer's brief was held to understand the goals and objectives.Creation of a technical assignment from the customer.
  • An analysis of competitors was carried out, where the advantages and disadvantages were identified, on the basis of which conclusions were drawn which solutions are working, as well as consideration of the possibility of applying these solutions in their project.
  • Development of a prototype, which took into account the main elements of navigation and the functionality of the testing application.
  • Development of application design (logo placement, font selection and development of infographics).
  • Programming the application with the help of Appfyl team specialists.
  • Final testing of the application to eliminate bugs.
  • Launching the application, uploading the final product to the App store and Playmarket marketplaces.
    Online courses and news. Development of the AB.MONEY application by Appfyl studio.
    Tarot cards. Development of the AB.MONEY application by Appfyl studio.
    AB.MONEY application functionality:

    1. User's personal profile:

    • The user has the opportunity to create his personal account with detailed information about himself, including photos, nicks on social networks, as well as many other data. (When administering the application, this helps in collecting and evaluating the target audience.)
    • The user can save and track his progress and progress in meditations, including their number, as well as the duration of each session.
    • The user can set different goals for his own development and track their achievement.

    2. Meditations and personal growth:

    • The users can choose the meditations they like and play them in the format of audio material.
    • The users can choose the articles they like and read them in text format.
    • Meditations are divided into 3 main formats "Author's", "Melodies" and "In Silence".
    • The users can start the meditation timer "In silence" and independently control the process and duration of the session.

    3. Video and online broadcasts:

    • The application provides access to paid and free video lessons from the author on aspects of meditation and personal development.
    • The user can join and track the beginning of the live broadcast and participate in the provided online sessions.

    4. Layout and map of the day:

    The user has the opportunity to receive a random "Map layout", as well as a daily updated "Map of the Day", with a detailed annotation to each selected map.

    5. Community and communication between users:

    • The application has a built-in chat function and a forum for user communication, as well as creating networking.
    • The user can independently find and add other users, and communicate with each other.
    • The news feed is updated regularly to receive up-to-date information, as well as to receive notification of the updated version of the mobile application.

    Technical requirements:

    • This application is available for download and installation on devices with Android 6.0 or later.
    • This application is available for download and installation on devices running iOS 13.0 or later.


    • Development and successful implementation of a mobile application from Appfyl in a short time;
    • The application is №1 in the segment: Education in the AppStore;
    • More than 500,000 users;
    • Increasing the sales flow, while reducing the burden on the customer;
    • Convenient system for buying and paying for meditation courses;
    • Receiving positive feedback from customers about the functionality and operation of the application.
    • More than 8,500 ratings in the AppStore (4.8 out of 5)
      Calculate your matrix from birth date. Development of the AB.MONEY application by Appfyl studio.